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Healthy Family Dynamics Promote Positive Mental Health

Family dynamics involve the relationships between individual family members. The composition of the family, such as each person’s personality, religious and cultural values, experiences, and family roles affect family dynamics. The dynamics of an individual’s [...]

Could You Be Addicted to Exercise?

Most people believe that following a healthy diet and exercising leads to positive mental and physical health; however, it is also possible to be addicted to exercising. Exercise dependence can infringe on daily life's responsibilities, [...]

Stress Management . . . Try these strategies!

An article provided by Psychology Today discussed that people are familiar with and do access many common stress management techniques. These techniques include exercise, yoga, deep breathing, warm baths, massages, etc. Although these techniques may [...]

Study Reveals Stress Can Induce Poor Mental Health

According to a recent Forbes article, researchers recently presented findings at a New Orleans based Society for Neuroscience meeting. The presentations indicted that stress can affect mental health. Research by Dipesh Chaudhury revealed that stressful [...]

New Television Show Provides Insight About Shopping Addictions

Although few people admit to having a shopping addiction, a recent Oxygen Media Survey indicates that “32 percent” of the people surveyed stated that they knew someone who was addicted to shopping. Signs of Compulsive [...]

BYU Research Indicates Exercise Diminishes the Brain’s Response to Food

A recent experiment, conducted by Brigham Young University (BYU), revealed that exercise may curb a person’s interest in food. Data compiled by James LeCheminant and Michael Larson monitored the neurological activity of 35 women as [...]