About Jessica Getson

As a Licensed Professional Counselor based in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, I provide counseling in my private practice to clients throughout Philadelphia and the suburban Main Line. I specialize in helping adolescent and adult individuals and families suffering from Addictions (Substance, Behavioral and Food) and Eating Disorders. My practice also focuses on helping those with Depressive Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Anxiety Disorders and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders. I maintain a practice designed to help people through a wide variety of mental health disorders, emotional difficulties and transitional life events.

“If Only” . . . A Film On Pill Addiction Every Parent Needs To See

"If Only' is a powerful, 36 minute film about the opiate epidemic in this country and how prevalent it is in the suburban areas. Opiates are not just for inner city. Opiates are not just for the underprivileged. Your child is NOT immune from this. You are not immune. Please take the time to watch [...]

SMILING IS CONTAGIOUS….Throw one out or catch one today!!

Smiling takes little effort and almost no time. Different numbers get thrown around in research, articles and on social media about how many muscles it takes; it is widely known that smiling takes far fewer muscles than frowning. When people are suffering with anxiety, depression, grief or addiction, among a myriad of other hardships and [...]

Drug ODs have nearly TRIPLED since 1999…with heroin and opiates accounting for half of those deaths

The Opioid epidemic in this country continues to rise and the numbers are not subtle. Since 1999, the CDC reports that the number of drug overdoses has nearly tripled, with heroin and other opioids accounting for about half of those deaths. Earlier this decade with prescription drugs being abused at at an all time high, [...]

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