SMILING IS CONTAGIOUS….Throw one out or catch one today!!

Smiling takes little effort and almost no time. Different numbers get thrown around in research, articles and on social media about how many muscles it takes; it is widely known that smiling takes far fewer muscles than frowning. When people are suffering with anxiety, depression, grief or addiction, among a myriad of other hardships and [...]

Research Suggests Negative Emotional Reactions to Stress May Facilitate Mental Health Issues Years Later

Susan Charles, a psychological scientist at University of California, together with other researchers at University of California and Penn State, investigated whether day-to-day negative reactions to stress can influence mental health ten years later. The researchers examined two national surveys that contained data that represented male and female participants from a broad age group. Participants [...]

Psych Meds: Is the Perception of Them Changing?

Psychiatric medications can be beneficial for enhancing mental stability and helping you have a happier, healthier lifestyle. Patients take these medications for a variety of reasons, some of which include depressed mood, anxiety, mood stabilization and reduction of psychotic features. It can be overwhelming and traumatic to be diagnosed with a mental health issue and then [...]

Study Reveals Stress Can Induce Poor Mental Health

According to a recent Forbes article, researchers recently presented findings at a New Orleans based Society for Neuroscience meeting. The presentations indicted that stress can affect mental health. Research by Dipesh Chaudhury revealed that stressful events can promote depression, which can affect brain waves so that the brain does not react positively to activities that [...]

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