Psychiatric medications can be beneficial for enhancing mental stability and helping you have a happier, healthier lifestyle. Patients take these medications for a variety of reasons, some of which include depressed mood, anxiety, mood stabilization and reduction of psychotic features. It can be overwhelming and traumatic to be diagnosed with a mental health issue and then learn that you may need to take mental health drugs indefinitely. Nevertheless, the concerns patients have about these medications are similar to those of other drugs.

Psychiatric medications, like any other mediation, may facilitate different side effects or no side effects depending on the medication and the specific patient’s reaction to that medicine. However, many people who take them experience positive therapeutic results.  At times, medication dosages and prescriptions may need to be modified after you see how your body reacts to the medication. It is essential for patients to be aware of their bodies’ reactions to the medication so they can get the best results, dosage and prescription for their mental condition. A psychiatrist must be aware of your body’s reactions to make adjustments.

Sometimes patients worry that taking psych meds may adversely affect their dispositions and personalities. When these medications are taken correctly and working effectively, they help to control mental health symptoms. The goal of psychiatric medications is not to flatten affect or suppress mood, nor will medication eliminate problems in a person’s life. Rather, the medication helps to balance the brain chemistry and allow the “fog” to clear, allowing the individual to better cope with and tolerate life’s issues and learn how to better deal with the struggles they face in life. This is done by combining medication treatment with counseling. Medication combined with counseling by a licensed counselor helps a person feel more relaxed, balanced and able to excel at activities they like with less pressure and tension.

A July, 2009 U.S. News article indicated that a study conducted by Dr. Mojtabai revealed that public perception of psych meds is more positive than it has been in the past. A November 2011 Wall Street Journal article indicates that there has been a large increase in mental health drug prescriptions between 2001 and 2010. It may be that the increased use of mental health medication may be influencing public perception. Share your thoughts.

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