The Opioid epidemic in this country continues to rise and the numbers are not subtle. Since 1999, the CDC reports that the number of drug overdoses has nearly tripled, with heroin and other opioids accounting for about half of those deaths.

Earlier this decade with prescription drugs being abused at at an all time high, policy makers, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacists and doctors  began to crack down on availability of these medications and in forms that could not as easily be tampered. As a result of this crackdown, addiction was still at an all time high and people desperate for their drugs turned to heroin. Heroin was easier to get and cheaper.

Read this attached  CBS News article that came out this past week about this extremely concerning issue.
If you or someone you know is either addicted to heroin or to prescription opioid medication, contact me. I help people suffering from addictions get into recovery. You may be controlled by addiction but you always have a choice! The day is yours . . . Make it a good one.