Sometimes clients enter therapy prepared for change. Often it is the case that clients are not fully ready to embrace this change. Does that mean a client is “in denial” or “treatment resistant?” Some might say that is the case. I do not agree. I see a client’s journey as a very personal process and preparing for change and preparing to leave behind an addiction which has come to be relied on is not an easy process for all. Even though addiction causes many potential conflicts in a person’s life, leaving it behind is not easy, psychically or emotionally.

The attached article does a great job of summarizing a client-centered approach to helping clients move towards readiness for change. It also explains a little about how motivational interviewing techniques are used in therapy to help a client come to their own decisions about the desire to change.

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, do not wait until help is desired. Waiting that long could be too long. People can die from addiction or suffer irreversible consequences of addiction waiting to be ready.  As a person-centered clinician, I take a non-judgmental approach and join the client at whatever motivational stage he/she is at when initiating therapy and treatment. Don’t wait until it is too late. Contact me to find out more about getting help now.