Suicide Awareness Increases as Countries Throughout the World Celebrate Suicide Awareness Day

September 10, 2012 is annual World Suicide Prevention Day, and this year’s theme centers on preventing suicide throughout the world. Approximately one million people commit suicide per year.  People contemplating suicide often appear depressed, hopeless, and anxious. Additionally, they may neglect their health and appearance and begin withdrawing from family and friends. They perceive their life's [...]

New Movie “Bully” is Expected to Promote Public Awareness about Bullying

“Bully”, a new movie, highlights the cruelty of bullying by portraying how it can damage the mental and physical health of victims. It also provides insight about how bullying can affect entire families. The film shows episodes of bullying and educates the public about the aftereffects it can cause. Part of the movie focuses on [...]

Suicide, Depression and How to Help

Although it is not uncommon for people to be sad occasionally, a person with depression constantly feels sad and hopeless. Sometimes people whose minds are in a perpetual state of depression think about committing suicide. Identifying the signs that someone is suicidal and taking the appropriate actions can help prevent him from ending his life. [...]

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