September 10, 2012 is annual World Suicide Prevention Day, and this year’s theme centers on preventing suicide throughout the world. Approximately one million people commit suicide per year.  People contemplating suicide often appear depressed, hopeless, and anxious. Additionally, they may neglect their health and appearance and begin withdrawing from family and friends. They perceive their life’s situation as desperate.

Other signs that someone may be considering suicide include preparing for death. This may involve discussing death, creating a will or offering those close to them sentimental and valuable possessions. If you or a loved one is exhibiting signs of suicide, it is crucial to get help. The right support and therapy can help you manage your problems and become more positive about your life.

If you are in the Main Line Philadelphia area, Jessica Getson, a licensed counselor, can help you improve your mental outlook, cope with problems and rechannel suicidal thoughts. Talk therapy can help you focus on the positive aspects of your life, create a strategy for improving the quality of your life and improve your socialization. Together we can create a plan to refocus your mind on living.

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