SMILING IS CONTAGIOUS….Throw one out or catch one today!!

Smiling takes little effort and almost no time. Different numbers get thrown around in research, articles and on social media about how many muscles it takes; it is widely known that smiling takes far fewer muscles than frowning. When people are suffering with anxiety, depression, grief or addiction, among a myriad of other hardships and [...]

Is Your Teenager Experiencing Stress?

A recent US News article, “Teen Stress: How Parents Can Help,” examines some concerns that promote teenage stress. Among the many issues that create tension for teens are anxieties about social pressure, grades, and finding a job. Furthermore, some teens also worry about the stress in their family life, such as their parents’ jobs or marriage. [...]

Could You Be Addicted to Exercise?

Most people believe that following a healthy diet and exercising leads to positive mental and physical health; however, it is also possible to be addicted to exercising. Exercise dependence can infringe on daily life's responsibilities, create stress, impair relationships and lead to health problems. Exercise dependence is commonly linked with eating disorders. Those diagnosed with bulimia [...]

Stress Management . . . Try these strategies!

An article provided by Psychology Today discussed that people are familiar with and do access many common stress management techniques. These techniques include exercise, yoga, deep breathing, warm baths, massages, etc. Although these techniques may be beneficial for some,they might not relieve stress for others. Three less common stress relievers were discussed in this article [...]

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