An article provided by Psychology Today discussed that people are familiar with and do access many common stress management techniques. These techniques include exercise, yoga, deep breathing, warm baths, massages, etc. Although these techniques may be beneficial for some,they might not relieve stress for others. Three less common stress relievers were discussed in this article and encouraged to try.

First, rediscovering nature and being outside may help to decrease stress. Richard Louv, the author of The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age, states that reconnecting with nature can benefit individuals by enhancing our senses, having a greater satisfaction with life, having a more positive outlook, increasing productivity at work, and having a heightened ability to cope with stress.

Giving back to others can also be a great stress reliever. Dr. Stephen Post surveyed 4,500 adults and found that 68 percent felt physically better as a result of volunteering. Giving back to others may help you give back to yourself through relieving stress.

The final strategy discussed in the article is to resolve conflict within your relationships. Conflict between you and another can cause significant stress in your life. Figuring out a way to decrease tension between you and another can help to lift a weight off your shoulders and in turn decrease your levels of stress.

So, in addition to stress management techniques that you may already be accessing, why not discover ones of your own or try one of the techniques discussed above?

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