A recent US News article, “Teen Stress: How Parents Can Help,” examines some concerns that promote teenage stress. Among the many issues that create tension for teens are anxieties about social pressure, grades, and finding a job. Furthermore, some teens also worry about the stress in their family life, such as their parents’ jobs or marriage.

Additionally, many teens have extremely limited free time, so they do not have time to relax and reduce their stress. They may be overscheduled with extracurricular activities, homework, part-time jobs, and other time-consuming activities.

Teens often struggle with their stress and may find it difficult to confide in their parents. Nevertheless, their actions can tell parents that their teenagers are suffering from stress. If your teens are moody, grumpy, or acting out, they may be feeling stress. What can  a parent do to help?

It is essential to keep casual, open communication with your teenagers. Simply listening to your teen can help them put their problems into perspective. Recognize that they are not always seeking advice, but your willingness to listen even when they are not feeling anxiety will make it more likely for them to reach out to you when they are suffering from stress.

If you are unable to help your teenagers cope with stress, a licensed counselor can help them manage their tension. Jessica Getson, a licensed counselor in the Philadelphia area, has over a decade of experience helping teens handle the issues that promote tension as they deal with family problems, social issues, and personal growth. Contact Jessica Getson at (610) 828-2801 or by email.