As baby boomers face challenging milestones in life, such as failing health, injury, death of friends and family, many of them are turning to or returning to drugs. This generation first embraced recreational drug use in the 60s and 70s. While many may have stopped using for several decades to raise families and have successful careers, some are finding that the old habits have taken a present day firm hold. Whether to cope with emotional or physical pain, this generation has shown an increase in troublesome addictions; opiates and alcohol use are the most commonly abused substances among them.

Regular alcohol and drug use can result in addictions, accidental overdoses and have placed adult children in the unexpected care taking role of the parents.   This article from the Wall Street Journal can provide more details about this disturbing trend.

Fortunately, addictions counseling can provide the tools and support an individual and family needs to survive this situation, and move into a healthy recovery.