Susan Charles, a psychological scientist at University of California, together with other researchers at University of California and Penn State, investigated whether day-to-day negative reactions to stress can influence mental health ten years later.

The researchers examined two national surveys that contained data that represented male and female participants from a broad age group. Participants completed surveys indicating how they felt and whether they had received care for a mental health condition within the year.

A second survey required participants to record their reactions and mood to various day-to-day stressful events. Researchers compared participants’ moods in stressful and stress-free situations.  The study revealed that negative emotional responses to stress can influence the likelihood of psychological health issues later in life.

If you are depressed, anxious or experiencing other negative emotions from daily tension you may need help channeling your emotions in a positive manner. Mental health issues can often be ignored and become diagnosed years later. Therapy can help you react more positively to stressors.

Jessica Getson, a licensed counselor in the Philadelphia suburbs, has been helping patients handle stress and manage their emotional reactions for over a decade.  Her experience can help you learn how to react more positively to tension.

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