Even though one third of the American public is considered obese, the American Medical Association only recently made a decision to make obesity a disease. The June, 2013 decision will encourage doctors to devote more time to helping patients improve their eating habits and control their weight. Additionally, it may promote insurance reimbursement. Since obesity is associated with Type 2 diabetes, heart problems and other medical illnesses, therapy and medical care that helps control obesity may have the potential to help reduce diseases that are linked to obesity.

For more information about the new decision classifying obesity as a disease, see A.M.A. Recognizes Obesity as a Disease.

If you are diagnosed with obesity, Jessica Getson, a licensed counselor in the Philadelphia suburbs, can help you attain a positive mindset that can assist you in controlling your condition. Eating disorders can lead to low self-esteem and dangerous physical conditions, so it is important to get the help you need.