Although many people routinely associate eating disorders with teens and those in their twenties, middle aged women also feel pressure to be thin.The Renfrew Center treats such a growing number of middle aged women for eating disorders that it has created a unique program for them. However, the Ridgewood based facility may not be convenient for everyone, so patients need a nurturing, accessible therapist who can help them control their unhealthy eating and lead less stressful lives.Jessica Getson, a licensed counselor in the Philadelphia suburbs, has more than a decade of experience treating patients of all ages for eating disorders and was a former intern at the Renfrew Center. Reaching out for help is the first step to getting your binge or eating disorder under control.  Let Jessica Getson’s nurturing therapy help you regain control of your eating, feel more positive about your body image, and enjoy improved mental and physical health.  For more information about the rise of middle aged women suffering from eating disorders, see the link below.