National Eating Disorders Week 2013 is Approaching

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week extends from the last week in February through March 2, 2013, but the entire month of February focuses on educating the public about eating disorders. Volunteers and healthcare professionals throughout the United States and abroad will help spread the word about eating disorders to promote awareness. Many universities are offering [...]

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Could You Be Addicted to Exercise?

Most people believe that following a healthy diet and exercising leads to positive mental and physical health; however, it is also possible to be addicted to exercising. Exercise dependence can infringe on daily life's responsibilities, create stress, impair relationships and lead to health problems. Exercise dependence is commonly linked with eating disorders. Those diagnosed with bulimia [...]

BYU Research Indicates Exercise Diminishes the Brain’s Response to Food

A recent experiment, conducted by Brigham Young University (BYU), revealed that exercise may curb a person’s interest in food. Data compiled by James LeCheminant and Michael Larson monitored the neurological activity of 35 women as their brains responded to images of food. The participants were exposed to images on a morning when they exercised on [...]

Disney Eliminates Sugary Ads from Kid’s Television Shows

A 2011 study conducted by Dr. Natalie Pearson and Professor Stuart Biddle confirmed that television commercials for unhealthy snacks influence poor eating decisions. Additionally, Dr. Biddle stated eating in front of the television is distracting and can lead to overeating. In particular, the researchers also noticed that parents may give children snacks to eat while watching [...]