Psych Meds: Is the Perception of Them Changing?

Psychiatric medications can be beneficial for enhancing mental stability and helping you have a happier, healthier lifestyle. Patients take these medications for a variety of reasons, some of which include depressed mood, anxiety, mood stabilization and reduction of psychotic features. It can be overwhelming and traumatic to be diagnosed with a mental health issue and then [...]

Treating Bulimia

A recent December 2012 article in Counseling Today explores the difficulty of treating bulimia nervosa. The article discusses that patients often fail to realize that binging and purging the body afterwards is not merely driven by the perception of body image. Instead, bulimic patients are attempting to respond to an unwanted emotional state that they never [...]

Stress Management . . . Try these strategies!

An article provided by Psychology Today discussed that people are familiar with and do access many common stress management techniques. These techniques include exercise, yoga, deep breathing, warm baths, massages, etc. Although these techniques may be beneficial for some,they might not relieve stress for others. Three less common stress relievers were discussed in this article [...]

Suicide Awareness Increases as Countries Throughout the World Celebrate Suicide Awareness Day

September 10, 2012 is annual World Suicide Prevention Day, and this year’s theme centers on preventing suicide throughout the world. Approximately one million people commit suicide per year.  People contemplating suicide often appear depressed, hopeless, and anxious. Additionally, they may neglect their health and appearance and begin withdrawing from family and friends. They perceive their life's [...]

OCD Patients and Extreme Cleaning Activities

More than 50% of patients diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) fear contamination, germs and grime. These patients engage in excessive washing, cleaning and orderliness. They frequently wash themselves and items that surround them to reduce concerns about infection from germs, but continue to worry that they have not cleaned sufficiently. Extreme Cleaning Can Make a Normally [...]

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