Were you a victim of childhood bullying? As an adult, you may think the trauma of childhood bullying is behind you. Sometimes it does not have lasting effects, but often the effects of childhood bullying may still influence your adult life.

Often bullies target their victims when adults are not around. Bullying commonly occurs on a school bus, a playground or during lunch. However, childhood bullying can happen anywhere. As a child, you may have been unwilling to reach out for assistance. Frequently, victims prefer to suffer quietly because telling an adult may incite a bully to tease or traumatize them more severely or often.

Unfortunately, quietly enduring bullying can be traumatizing long after you are a victim of childhood bullying. Childhood bullying can trigger problems that can affect victims of bullying when they are adults. Common mental health conditions that can stem from childhood bullying include:

• Loneliness
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Sleeping or Eating Disorders
• Suicide or suicidal thoughts
• Poor self-esteem
• Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Your childhood helps shape your adult life. Memories of being taunted or bullied affect how you perceive yourself and how you act today. This can influence your ability to interact with other people, excel in a career, create trusting relationships and have self-confidence. If you suffered from childhood bullying, do not let the lingering effects damage your adult life or affect your self-worth.

Let my counseling services help you deal with the past. Talking about childhood bullying, recognizing its effects, regaining your self-confidence and moving forward can help you have a healthy, fulfilling life.