A Collector’s Nightmare: Your Health and Hoarding

Hoarding is often associated with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, anxiety, depression and other disorders that promote stress. Hoarders have an uncontrollable urge to collect items and have an often times irrational connection to them. They will refuse to dispose of items even if they have no space or need for them.  Sometimes hoarders will agree to [...]

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Perfectionism: When Shooting for Perfection is Imperfect

People want to do their best when they start a task.  Often they have a self-imposed goal, which they may or may not achieve. The average person sets an attainable goal and feels satisfaction when he achieves it. If he makes a mistake, he can learn from the error and use his knowledge to improve. [...]

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Is Anxiety Controlling Your Life?

Everyone feels fear and stress at some point in life. Jobs, relationships, money concerns and other problems can dominate our thoughts and lead to anxiety. Nevertheless, if you worry about problems constantly, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. When you suffer from panic attacks or experience extraordinary anxiety, your physical and mental health [...]

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Aftermath of Childhood Bullying

Were you a victim of childhood bullying? As an adult, you may think the trauma of childhood bullying is behind you. Sometimes it does not have lasting effects, but often the effects of childhood bullying may still influence your adult life. Often bullies target their victims when adults are not around. Bullying commonly occurs on a school [...]

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