Using the Internet is essential to daily life for many people, but some Internet users are becoming addicted to the cyber-world. If you spend excessive amounts of time on the Internet, it can be unhealthy for your relationships, career, education and other notable aspects of your life. Using the Internet excessively can be a way to escape stress, depression and other negative mental conditions. Sometimes people also find comfort in support from online friends or feel more confident establishing relationships with people they do not physically know. If you are addicted to the Internet, you may have the following symptoms:

  • Failure to complete housework because you spend excessive time online
  • Ignoring your family to interact with online friends
  • Spend more time using the Internet than you realize
  • Using the Internet in secret so you do not have to justify using it
  • Inability to reduce your Internet use
  • Physical symptoms including numbness, achiness or vision discomfort


Self-help techniques combined with Internet addiction therapy sessions can help you manage your Internet use. As a licensed counselor, I can help treat you with cognitive-behavioral therapy to provide a strategy to reduce excessive Internet use. I can help you modify your attitude toward using the Internet. We can also discuss self-help strategies such as setting a timer when you use the Internet, using the Internet during only specified times or committing time to other activities. Reducing your Internet use will give you more time to enjoy your family, facilitate positive relationships and excel at your career. The positive effects of managing your Internet addiction can be life-changing. For more information about Internet addiction counseling, contact Jessica Getson at (610) 828-2801.