After the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the need for education about mental health in youth seems more important than ever. For the past year, the National Council for Behavioral Health has been testing a program that will enhance education about mental health in youth. The Council’s program, called the Youth First Aid Mental Health Program, will be geared for youth and young adults between the ages of 12 and 25, and will be partnering with Lady Gaga’s Brave Bus Tour to visit more than half the country. The Brave Bus Tour and Youth First Mental Health Program will offer mental health education and provide the public with an opportunity to learn about mental health resources and services. The public will also be invited to share knowledge, support networks and stories.

For more information about the National Council’s Youth Mental First Aid  Health First Aid Program and Lady Gaga’s Born Brave Bus Tour, visit and view the National Council’s recent press release about the program.