Physical attacks and verbal bullying are a widespread problem on school buses and other common areas where students may not be monitored by an adult. However, even when an adult is present, bullying can occur. Recently, a bullying attack occurred in Greece, New York while the victim was on a school bus. Surprisingly the  victim was not a student. Twelve and thirteen year-old students tormented a grandmother in her late sixties who was a bus monitor. As the bus monitor attempted to do her job, students made cruel comments about her weight and poked her with a book. Even worse, students teased the woman about her son who had previously committed suicide.

The bullying incident was taped by a student riding the bus. The video, posted on youtube, upset parents, students and the public throughout the world. One viewer even organized a collection so that the victim could take a vacation. However, often getting away from a bullying attack cannot remove it from the victim’s mind. The cruelty of bullies can affect the confidence and self-worth of their victims. Bully victims often experience anxiety that can interfere with their jobs and life.

If you are a victim of bullying, get the help you need so that the lingering effects of bullying do not impair your life. A counselor can help you learn techniques to become more assertive, increase your confidence and enjoy positive relationships.

As a licensed counselor in the Philadelphia Main Line area, I have been helping victims of bullying to improve their mental health. I use cognitive behavioral therapy and other techniques to help bully victims identify their goals and achieve them. Bullying can affect anyone, so it is vital to seek help.

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