About Jessica Getson

As a Licensed Professional Counselor based in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, I provide counseling in my private practice to clients throughout Philadelphia and the suburban Main Line. I specialize in helping adolescent and adult individuals and families suffering from Addictions (Substance, Behavioral and Food) and Eating Disorders. My practice also focuses on helping those with Depressive Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Anxiety Disorders and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders. I maintain a practice designed to help people through a wide variety of mental health disorders, emotional difficulties and transitional life events.

Food, Drugs, Alcohol….Same Addictive Impact on the Brain

Do you struggle with controlling impulsive and compulsive behaviors related to addiction and food? Do you struggle to control urges with alcohol, drugs, food? Listen to this TED Talk by Dr. Nora Volkow, Director or NIDA, showing research supporting connection of food addiction and drug addiction. http://tedmed.com/talks/show?id=309096#.VPIBPjcH2nw.facebook  

A New Disease: Obesity

Even though one third of the American public is considered obese, the American Medical Association only recently made a decision to make obesity a disease. The June, 2013 decision will encourage doctors to devote more time to helping patients improve their eating habits and control their weight. Additionally, it may promote insurance reimbursement. Since obesity [...]

Research Suggests Negative Emotional Reactions to Stress May Facilitate Mental Health Issues Years Later

Susan Charles, a psychological scientist at University of California, together with other researchers at University of California and Penn State, investigated whether day-to-day negative reactions to stress can influence mental health ten years later. The researchers examined two national surveys that contained data that represented male and female participants from a broad age group. Participants [...]

What You Eat for Breakfast May Influence Your Food Consumption Later in the Day

Breakfast is considered the most beneficial meal of the day, but eating a healthy breakfast may do more than satisfy morning hunger pangs. Heather Leidy, an assistant professor at the University of Missouri, conducted research to determine whether eating a protein rich breakfast influences food intake during other times in the day. In her study, [...]