Eating Disorders remain stuck in sickness when they are silenced. Speak Up about your struggles!!!

So often is the case that people keep their eating disorders hidden, silenced and secretive. Whether based in shame, fear or lack or interest in receiving help, this worsens the likelihood of recovery and wellness.  Here is an article discussing the importance of speaking out, having a voice and letting go of the secrets, lies and [...]

A New Disease: Obesity

Even though one third of the American public is considered obese, the American Medical Association only recently made a decision to make obesity a disease. The June, 2013 decision will encourage doctors to devote more time to helping patients improve their eating habits and control their weight. Additionally, it may promote insurance reimbursement. Since obesity [...]

Treating Bulimia

A recent December 2012 article in Counseling Today explores the difficulty of treating bulimia nervosa. The article discusses that patients often fail to realize that binging and purging the body afterwards is not merely driven by the perception of body image. Instead, bulimic patients are attempting to respond to an unwanted emotional state that they never [...]

Government Shares the Burden with Parents to Encourage Healthy Eating

Although obesity is rampant in children and adults in the United States, the government is doing its best to encourage children to eat healthy foods. Students have returned to school and may have noticed cafeteria meals are not the same. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has changed its rules about what should be [...]

Withdrawing from Sugar: Do You Have a Sugar Addiction?

For years, medical research has been linking sugar with obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other serious diseases. However, despite America’s love affair with sugar, the average person does not think of sugar as addictive. When we think of an addiction, our minds immediately wander to substances such as alcohol and drugs that are regulated by [...]