Withdrawing from Sugar: Do You Have a Sugar Addiction?

For years, medical research has been linking sugar with obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other serious diseases. However, despite America’s love affair with sugar, the average person does not think of sugar as addictive. When we think of an addiction, our minds immediately wander to substances such as alcohol and drugs that are regulated by [...]

Aftermath of Childhood Bullying

Were you a victim of childhood bullying? As an adult, you may think the trauma of childhood bullying is behind you. Sometimes it does not have lasting effects, but often the effects of childhood bullying may still influence your adult life. Often bullies target their victims when adults are not around. Bullying commonly occurs on a school [...]

Eating Disorders Education: National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week includes activities throughout the country that will help educate people about eating disorders. Some events will raise funds to assist patients suffering from eating addictions and disorders. Additionally, there are events that promote positive self-esteem. In the Philadelphia area, locals can attend several activities that promote awareness of eating disorders. [...]