Treating an Internet Addiction

Using the Internet is essential to daily life for many people, but some Internet users are becoming addicted to the cyber-world. If you spend excessive amounts of time on the Internet, it can be unhealthy for your relationships, career, education and other notable aspects of your life. Using the Internet excessively can be a way [...]

National Study Indicates Junk Food Laws May Reduce Children’s Obesity

A recent study, conducted by the Journal of Pediatrics, revealed that children who reside in states that have strong laws regarding the sale of junk food may be less likely to become obese. Dr. Daniel Taber, who led the study, concluded that consistent laws in each grade are crucial for the junk food laws to have [...]

Disney Eliminates Sugary Ads from Kid’s Television Shows

A 2011 study conducted by Dr. Natalie Pearson and Professor Stuart Biddle confirmed that television commercials for unhealthy snacks influence poor eating decisions. Additionally, Dr. Biddle stated eating in front of the television is distracting and can lead to overeating. In particular, the researchers also noticed that parents may give children snacks to eat while watching [...]

Consumer Health: Will New York City Ban Sale of Large Size Sodas?

Politicians are public leaders, but can they create laws that will eliminate choices from the public’s diet? Dr. Robert Lustig stated in a 60 Minutes episode about sugar addictions that eating sugar creates “a public health crisis.” According to Dr. Lustig, sugar can be addictive and cause many serious health problems. More recently, Mayor Michael [...]

Addiction is not just drugs and alcohol anymore

Individuals have struggled with addictions for centuries. The focus of addiction treatment has historically been on drugs and alcohol. The mental health, psychiatric and medical fields are becoming more familiar with addictions and gaining respect for the additional substances and behaviors that qualify as addictions. The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders) will [...]

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