About Jessica Getson

As a Licensed Professional Counselor based in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, I provide counseling in my private practice to clients throughout Philadelphia and the suburban Main Line. I specialize in helping adolescent and adult individuals and families suffering from Addictions (Substance, Behavioral and Food) and Eating Disorders. My practice also focuses on helping those with Depressive Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Anxiety Disorders and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders. I maintain a practice designed to help people through a wide variety of mental health disorders, emotional difficulties and transitional life events.

National Eating Disorders Week 2013 is Approaching

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week extends from the last week in February through March 2, 2013, but the entire month of February focuses on educating the public about eating disorders. Volunteers and healthcare professionals throughout the United States and abroad will help spread the word about eating disorders to promote awareness. Many universities are offering [...]

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National Council Teams with Lady Gaga’s Bus Tour to Educate about Youth Mental Health

After the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the need for education about mental health in youth seems more important than ever. For the past year, the National Council for Behavioral Health has been testing a program that will enhance education about mental health in youth. The Council’s program, called the Youth First Aid [...]

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Sandy Hook Shootings Provide Pressure to Provide Mental Health Services

A January 23, 2013 NBC News report recently indicated that the Sandy Hook shootings are affecting the way state government is viewing mental health care. Formerly, many states were saving money by downsizing expenditures on mental health care. Given the current pressure to provide mental health care services, many states expect to allocate more revenues [...]

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Treating Bulimia

A recent December 2012 article in Counseling Today explores the difficulty of treating bulimia nervosa. The article discusses that patients often fail to realize that binging and purging the body afterwards is not merely driven by the perception of body image. Instead, bulimic patients are attempting to respond to an unwanted emotional state that they never [...]

Healthy Family Dynamics Promote Positive Mental Health

Family dynamics involve the relationships between individual family members. The composition of the family, such as each person’s personality, religious and cultural values, experiences, and family roles affect family dynamics. The dynamics of an individual’s family influence the way he or she behaves. Frequently, a family member may have a specific role in the family, [...]