“When I entered therapy with Jess, my goal was surviving. I didn’t see a future for myself: my mom had just passed, I had just graduated from college, and I was struggling with self esteem issues as well as a lack of direction. I had active Major Depressive Disorder and Binge Eating Disorder. After a year of working with her and the psychiatrist she recommended, I can truly say I’m thriving. I’m managing a full course load, a part time job that I love, and applications for graduate school in the midst of a pandemic. Without the severe weight of my depression and maladaptive cognitions, I can see myself and the people around me in a more positive, and often more accurate, light. Comparing myself to a photo taken at the exact same time last year, I can see that I’m much healthier, physically and mentally. My friends and family have told me often that I’m glowing. And, perhaps most importantly, I can see it too.

Jess is an active therapist and a dynamic sounding board, allowing agency for the client while also contributing her insight and wisdom. She did not spring her opinions onto me, but planted seeds of insight in our conversations. Once I strung together her insights, I was able to have life-changing breakthroughs and make better decisions. One of those decisions has been to go to grad school to become a therapist, partly because I’ve seen therapy work so well during my partnership with Jess. She has also been a large source of support and supervision in this venture. I am grateful for my work with her, and I recommend her honestly to whoever has met a tipping point. She’ll provide the “springboard;” all you need is to do the work with her.”

23 year old female
“If someone had told me that one day I would be writing a testimonial for a therapist, I would have laughed in his face. To say that I was against therapy would be a huge understatement. Not only did I strongly reject the mere idea of therapy, I was also in complete denial that I needed it. I was wrong.

Jessica made me feel comfortable from the very beginning when she immediately returned my initial email with a compassionate and welcoming, but no-pressure response. I would describe her as caring, kind, non-judgmental, empathetic, reliable, friendly, and safe. While working with her, she was a great listener and validated my feelings. However, she didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear; she was always objective. She helped me to see things from a different perspective and challenged me to change my old ways of thinking. I am grateful for the time I worked with Jessica, and I count her as a blessing in my life.”

39 year old female
“Jessica came to me after a quick Google search for a therapist specializing in eating disorders and depression. Her picture drew me in and I called and scheduled an appointment.

I had struggled with bulimia and depression from a young age and had been in and out of hospitals and seen many therapists. I would leave those programs thinking I had gotten a hold of my disorder only to find myself back to old habits within a year. After finding Jessica she was able to help me find myself, and really push me. Every session felt as though we had made huge progress, something I rarely felt with other therapists. Jessica was able to push when I needed it and also was compassionate and understanding. I was able to tell her anything and never feel judged. I still have times where I struggle, but Jessica was able to teach me the tools I needed to get through things. As well as making me feel that I could reach out at anytime if I felt I needed a “tune-up”.

I tell anyone who will listen that she was a gift to me and I honestly don’t know where I would be with out her.”

26 year old female
“Jessica is an extremely skilled clinician. Her knowledge of the dynamics, that develop in a family system that has a loved one struggling with substance use, are second to none. We have shared complex cases where she has been able to engage family members to start and actively work on their own recovery process. Her collaborative approach has led to excellent outcomes. Jessica is always open to jumping on a call if a crisis occurs or act as a sounding board for difficult cases I am working on. Her expertise and accessibility make her the perfect fit parents and clients beginning the recovery process. I highly recommend her services to the families I work with on a regular basis. ”

Devin Reaves, Life of Purpose
“I started working with Jessica in January 2014. After having two negative experiences with therapists, Jessica taught me the professionalism that a therapist should have and the respect for her clients.

I came to Jessica with a multitude of issues and not understanding why the years of therapy I had before didn’t work. I came to Jessica with an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Working with Jessica has virtually changed my outlook on life as I have learned from her that the only thing we can really control is our reactions to life and the obstacles that come our way. Now with this new way of looking at things, I am better able to handle life’s twists and turns. Before working with Jessica, I would overreact and crawl up into a hole when life threw a curveball.

Jessica has made me see the road less traveled clearer than it was before. Yes, there are still twists and turns and hills and sometimes mountains, but I now have the confidence to travel the road less traveled. I have started to travel it and yes, that has made all the difference.”

32 year old female
“She is fabulous. I have worked with Jessica Getson for one year, for help with a child’s addiction. She has helped me take stock, take action, and move forward. She knows when you need to talk through practical strategies and options, when you need to just grieve, and when you are stuck and need some very direct guidance. When we began I could not believe that I would ever gain the perspectives I have now–and Jessica is the main reason. She helped me help my child. I am so grateful to her.”

Mother of a 24 year old
“When we first met Jessica, we were in a state of devastation, reeling from the aftermath of a severe episode of our teenage daughter’s major depression that uprooted the life of our nuclear family. We felt completely lost and uncertain. Our daughter, then 17, was in turmoil, experiencing uncontrolled depression and anxiety. Her psychiatrist recommended Jessica for therapy – a referral for which we will be forever grateful.

Jessica was able to relate perfectly to our daughter and equally well to us, her parents. Jessica is intelligent, intuitive and non-judgmental. She is compassionate, but pushes our daughter (and us) when needed. She seems to instinctively know exactly when to comfort and when to confront, in a safe and supportive way. Our daughter has made significant progress working with Jessica. She enjoys weekly therapy and clearly values Jessica’s insights as she tries to incorporate them into her life. Almost every session seems to uplift her spirit and strengthen her will in a positive way.

Jessica is also an amazing collaborator. With consent, of course, Jessica has formed a wonderful working relationship with the school counselor at our daughter’s school. She works beautifully in tandem with our daughter’s psychiatrist. When our family, in partnership with Jessica, decided our daughter would benefit from group therapy, Jessica helped us find a group to address our daughter’s specific needs. She also connected with the therapist leader of the group so that our daughter’s therapy is meaningfully coordinated.

Jessica is unwaveringly supportive. She is easily accessible and consistently responsive. She is flexible and thoughtful. Her support is above and beyond any other therapist we have worked with. She has helped our daughter and our family immeasurably. We know we are only partway through this journey, but knowing that we have Jessica on our team makes us stronger, braver, and ready to face whatever comes our way.”

49 year old mother of 18 year old daughter
“I contacted Jessica based upon her specialty area of addictions, and it was one of the best calls I ever made. Working with her has helped me tremendously to understand the nuances and underlying issues with addictions and how they affect me in ways that I never knew or even thought about. She has been great to work with, allowing me to progress at my own pace on coming to grips with things. Jessica has given me the knowledge and the tools to carry on a much more productive and healthy life – a life that has improved 1000% since working with her. She is down to earth, caring, non-judgmental and provides a totally “safe” environment in which to speak freely.”

54 year old male

“When I first met Jessica Getson, I had never gone to therapy before and I had no idea what to expect. I was really at rock bottom in my life and had nowhere else to turn. Jessica was warm, comforting, understanding, and insightful. I never once felt judged or belittled; instead, I was comforted and enlightened. Jessica has taught me new ways of looking at situations and better understanding my reactions to them. I have felt much more positive since I began going to see her. She is a great help, and I would recommend her to anyone!”

26 year old female

“My daughter had been struggling with her eating disorder and her relationship with her father and decided it was time to go back to therapy. However, she did not want to go back to anyone she had seen in the past…feeling like it was a step backwards instead of forward. That is when she found Jessica! Jessica had been affiliated with The Renfrew Center and was a family counselor as well, so my daughter decided she might be a good fit. What a difference Jessica has made! When my daughter does share in some of the sessions with me I am always amazed at what Jessica has pushed her to do, in a safe and empowering way…a way no other therapist had ever suggested! The changes my daughter has made to improve her life and relationship with her father have been amazing to witness…and in a time frame that has been quite short compared to what I had seen with other therapists since she was 13 years old. Thank you Jessica!!!”

Mother of 20 year old female

“For years, I have been in and out of therapy for one reason or another. I never quite felt like I was getting the attention or help that I needed until I found Jessica. From the moment I stepped into her office, I felt immediately comfortable, genuinely welcomed and undeniably safe. Be it depression, grief, trauma, an eating disorder, binge drinking, divorce or issues related to being a single parent, Jessica helped me work through each area of my life that caused me sadness and stress. Each session is a non-judgmental, private look into how I can best change negative thoughts, habits, and behavior. If you are even contemplating seeing a therapist, give yourself a special gift and make an appointment with Jessica. It will be well worth your time and money.”

38 year old female

“The first day I met Jessica I was truly impressed at how quickly she helped me understand why I experience problems, both personally and at work. I feel like I have made great strides in a short amount of time by trusting in Jessica’s approach. Jessica is very good at listening first and then asking the right questions to help me become more self-aware and empowered. She is also very warm and friendly; she is someone I trust and I know she had my best interest at heart. Based on how she has helped me, I feel Jessica has all the right ingredients that make for a highly effective counselor.”

43 year old male

“After being in 3 different hospitals and a multitude of therapists, I felt that my eating disorder continued to control me. Coming to Jessica was filled with uncertainty. After our first visit I knew she was the therapist for me; she was easy to talk to and I never felt shame when talking about difficult subjects as I knew she was not judging me. I am excited each week for my sessions, knowing that I will feel stronger by the end. Jessica is an amazing therapist and she has helped me take back my life from my eating disorder.”

20 year old female

“In 2009 my husband and mother died within three months. I thought my life would never again be happy. I was wrong. Meeting Jessica and working with her to come to terms with my new life and some of my past helped me understand how to be happy regardless of the circumstances. I am a better, stronger, more accepting person. She is an insightful person and I know that no matter what my life has in store for me I can handle it with her help and expertise because she is accessible and genuinely cares for my well-being. She makes it clear that I can call her anytime and I have taken her up on that. My thanks to Jessica for her help, kindness, patience and genuine ability to get me to see things in a different way.”

40 year old female

“I had come to a point in my life were I was very sad, depressed, frustrated, and confused about how my relationship had just ended. Thankfully, in my efforts to try and make sense of everything I found Jessica. She was instrumental in helping me to face my depression and sadness head on and deal with the issues that contributed to my conundrum. She never passed judgment on me and was available to talk to me even if it meant taking a few minutes during a family vacation to talk to me on the phone. I am currently the happiest I have been in a long time. A lot of that happiness has to be attributed to Jessica. I can’t begin to thank her enough for all she has done. She has been a positive influence during a down period in my life.”

29 year old male

“My friend suggested that I contact Jessica regarding therapy for myself, my son and my daughter. I recently went through a divorce. After the divorce I was forced to get a second job and I am trying to sell our home.I am facing challenges with a daughter in college and a teenager that are difficult to handle with an ugly divorce. Feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed, I turned to Jessica for help. And I am so glad that I did. She is the best thing in our lives right now.

Perhaps the greatest gift you can give yourself is compassion, helpfulness and a strong connection with another person. Opening up about so many aspects of your personal life with a complete stranger can be very difficult. From the moment I stepped in Jessica’s office, I felt a sense of calm and caring. I look forward to going once a week. What is amazing about Jessica is that she has this unique way of making you see things for what they are and holds you accountable to act on those situations. She is an amazing listener. Never once have I been in her office where I didn’t come out feeling a sense of relief and/or accomplishment – – meaning I could work through an issue more productively

Jessica improved our lives tremendously by helping our teenage son through some devastating hurdles, including our divorce. She cares, she is thoughtful and she knows just the right things to say. I am truly grateful.

Jessica has a special gift and we are blessed to have her in our lives.”

51 year old female

“I first sought out Jessica Getson’s counseling to improve my deteriorating relationship with my teenage daughter. Our relationship was nothing more than a series of arguments and there was very little of our former closeness. I needed to explore ways to reach my daughter in a non-confrontational way so we could communicate better, avoid angry shouting matches and not react negatively to each other. Jessica helped me prioritize things so I remained calm, she taught me techniques to control my reactions, improved my communication skills and identified ways to be a better parent. Her techniques made sense and were very effective. At the same time Jessica was working with me, she was also working with my daughter. Now my relationship with my daughter is stronger than ever. Jessica played a huge role in improving it. In fact, my daughter said her sessions with Jessica were “life changing.” I could not agree more. With Jessica’s help and counseling I have the skills needed to be a more effective parent.

Jessica also taught me skills and techniques to deal with some work-related issues. Jessica’s techniques enabled me to successfully get through a very difficult time.

Jessica is very engaging, easy to speak to, listens intently and provides thought provoking questions for discussion. Her genuinely caring attitude, professionalism and easy manner made my sessions with Jessica productive. The time we spent with Jessica continues to have a very positive impact on our family life.”

55 year old male
“My life has changed so much for the better since coming to therapy with Jessica. I had been searching for a therapist who would not only guide me through the difficult time I was having during my divorce, I was also looking for someone who would give me tools to use in my everyday life. Jessica has fulfilled all of my requirements I wanted in a therapist. She has helped me improve my life and I will always be grateful for her professional help, understanding and guidance!”

53 year old female

“I started working with Jessica approximately two years after separating from my spouse. When I went to Jessica I was battling depression, some anxiety and tremendous guilt over the loss of my marriage. Working with Jessica has literally changed my life.

We initially focused on mourning the loss of my marriage and working through the accompanying guilt. While I can’t say that the guilt and sadness are 100% gone, they are substantially less and I have been happier and more content than I have been in over a decade. We next worked on my depression. Prior to seeing Jessica I had been on several medications to which I had adverse allergic reactions. As a result of the reactions, I was pretty adamant about not trying anything further. Jessica connected me with one of the top private psychiatrists in the Philadelphia area who was able to determine an appropriate medication. I am happy to say I have been relatively depression-free for over six months. In addition to the foregoing, Jessica has worked with me on a variety of other issues – from parenting issues to career issues to new relationship issues. She has pushed me to confront these issues head on and work on them successfully.

There are tons of therapists in this area. I have seen two over the years and neither had the impact that Jessica has had. She not only helps you discover the source of issues, she actually helps you find solutions to these issues. In my mind, this is what differentiates and truly sets apart Jessica from other professionals. I will forever be thankful to Jessica and can’t recommend her enough.”

37 year old male
“My past experiences with DBT had led me to have a negative response to it. The day I met Jessica, I knew that this time I would actually really enjoy DBT and be able to get a lot out of it. Jessica’s work with me has lead me to actually putting DBT skills to use in everyday life, and feeling more confident in my relationships as well as handling my emotions. ”
18 year old female
“I have been working with Jessica Getson for over two years. She has helped me with alcohol dependence, smoking cessation, crippling depression, social anxiety and family issues. She leverages her knowledge of different forms of therapy to provide individualized support.

I have had several therapists in the past who were just glorified listeners. We would talk and talk and I never was able to turn that into concrete goals with plans of action. With Jess, we are always able to come up with a specific list of steps and strategies I can implement. This type of work has benefitted me so much. I owe a lot of my success to her.”

21 year old female
“Jessica is a thoroughly professional and thoughtful therapist. She forms deep connections with her patients and advocates for them effectively, while helping them to do the same for themselves. She is principled and takes care to listen to individuals. Jessica has advanced her training throughout her career and continues to foster an environment of learning, both for herself and others. She is definitely worth consulting for individuals who are interested in modern, personalized therapy treatment.”
- David Steinman, MD, Psychiatrist in Private Practice
“Jessica Getson has changed my life for the better. I started working with Jess in 2015. Growing up with divorced parents, one an alcoholic and one with an extreme temper, my home life wasn’t what it should be like. I was not in a great physical environment, and especially not a good mental environment.

Finding Jessica was like winning the lottery. Through Jess, both my environments have changed dramatically the past two years and I couldn’t be more thankful. Due to her committment as a therapist, she was able to crack down on what was truly occurring in my life. Without Jess, I would be in a very dark place still. The counseling that she offers allows you to truly trust her in a way you wouldn’t think. She is the type of person in this profession that actually cares about her clients and wants them to receive the best possible care.

During my time with Jess, I have been able to obtain tools I can use in my everyday life to battle the problems I’m facing and to sustain a positive mindset. The support, guidance, and tools I have gotten from Jess are unlike anything I’ve experienced before and I am so grateful to have someone like Jess in my life.

I have never felt more supported and safe, having an outlet like Jess in my life. To anyone out there needing some help, someone to talk to, especially the other teenagers out there that are just like me, don’t be afraid, don’t lose hope. Because if there’s one thing to take away from my sessions with Jess, it’s that things are going to be okay and that this stage in your life will not last forever.”

15 year old female

“Not unlike other people, I was facing personal issues that were seriously impacting the quality of my life. I am also an individual of strong will who hesitates to ask for help. It took courage for me to contact a therapist like Jessica and seek support; however, I am so very thankful I did. Jess is warm, engaging and compassionate, yet highly professional. Jess offers me unwavering support as I deal with significant transitions in my life in addition to issues relating to food and low self-esteem. She is amazingly perceptive and non-judgmental, so I always feel safe in her presence. She always seems to know exactly what I need most – whether it is space and time to process information or an encouraging suggestion toward action.

I cannot express enough the respect I have for Jessica, her expertise and her very kind demeanor. She is so very insightful and I always leave her office with more clarity around my issues. Jess also does a great job of helping me set goals and creates an environment of joint accountability which ensures I make consistent progress toward improvement. Every interaction with her is a positive experience. I can’t imagine working with another therapist and feel so fortunate that I have the opportunity to work with Jess. ”

52 year old female

“I know Jessica through DBT trainings and time spent processing clinical theory and practice as well as through case consultation. Her dedication, passion, and advocacy for clients shines through, and her expertise in the area of addictions and disordered eating has helped a great number of people learn to thrive again. I would not hesitate to refer a friend or loved one to Jessica.”

Dr. Lane Pederson, author of Dialectical Behavior Therapy: A Contemporary Guide for Practitioners

“I have always been reluctant to ‘ask for help’… or maybe it was more about the hesitance to admit that I actually needed someone else’s help in finding my way through the crooked path life sometimes leads us down. I have been dealt some personal blows the past few years only heightening the depression and anxiety that I have been struggling with a good part of my adult life. I convinced myself into believing that I could handle things on my own or that this was ‘just the person that I am’. I finally came to the realization that I needed to reach out and ask for help….help in learning to find the happiness that I knew my life was missing.

It was important to me to find a therapist who could work with me and not above me…. enter Jessica Getson. Jessica has taught me the amazing skill of self-reflection… allowing me an environment to feel comfortable to discuss my faults, my fears, my anxiety. She taught me that the power of change can come from me and only me, but has provided me the skill-set to start making those needed life changes. Working with Jessica has allowed me to see the reality of certain situations more clearly and, in-turn, empowered me to make positive changes to my mental well-being. Even when I am out in the world, living my life, the work I do with Jessica is still present in her total acceptance of me as not only a faulted individual, but also as someone who unwillingly struggles with such a large amount of depression and anxiety. I have integrated this non-judgmental guidance into my life, allowing myself to not only understand why I feel like I do, but how to use this guidance to help control my anxiety and keep my emotions at level where life has actually become enjoyable again. Her wisdom moves beyond just our therapy sessions. Jessica is a true guide and has a very special therapeutic gift. My personal confidence has increased and my compassion for myself has grown.

I feel that the work that Jessica & I have put in together has made me a better father, a better son, a better friend and overall a better man.”

39 year old male

“When I first met Jessica Getson, I had never gone to therapy before and I had no idea what to expect. I was really at rock bottom in my life and had nowhere else to turn. Jessica was warm, comforting, understanding, and insightful. I never once felt judged or belittled; instead, I was comforted and enlightened. Jessica has taught me new ways of looking at situations and better understanding my reactions to them. I have felt much more positive since I began going to see her. She is a great help, and I would recommend her to anyone!”

26 year old female

“I was going downhill and was pretty much at my last resort with my eating disorder. I had gone to two different therapists and wasn’t very successful with my recovery, but it all changed when I met Jessica.  Jessica not only helps me when I’m struggling with my eating disorder, but she has helped me see my life in a totally new way that has made me become a better and happier person. She helps me see things clearly.  I look forward to our sessions because I know how much she can help me with any situation that I have.  I am a college student and the greatest thing is that Jessica can do phone sessions with me.   I have been going to Jessica for therapy for a year.  If it wasn’t for her, I would be nowhere close to where I am today in my recovery process.”

19 year old female

“Our 27 year old daughter has had great difficulty in growing up, accepting age appropriate responsibility and her adoption. Anger issues and the inability to make or sustain friendships were a constant. For most of her life, we have seen a variety of therapists to counsel us but most of these experiences were lengthy and proved to be worthless. Now that our daughter is of adult age, the stresses continue to build and I was at a total loss on how to handle my emotions. The tension and frustrations were so high that I was not at all confident in the decisions we were making as it related to the best interest of our daughter. After meeting Jessica the first time, I knew that we were, possibly for the first time, with the right therapist. Jessica’s incredible ability to “read between the lines” gave an immediate complete understanding of our story and the conflicts we were facing. She helped us sort out our feelings of responsibility as a parent versus the responsibilities to ourselves and create a plan to move forward with our daughter with far more meaning and confidence. Her warmth gave us an enormous sense of safety – her knowledge and clear direct use of language made it easy to follow even the most complicated issues. I learned a tremendous amount in a very short period of time and am so very grateful for the way she was able to guide us to a better plan for our daughter and for ourselves.”

58 year old mother of 27 year old daughter

“What’s excellent about working with Jessica is her exceptional ability to help her patients with their decision making skills. Personally, whether it be an important decision regarding parenting, relationships, or my career, Jessica takes into account all that she has learned about me during our sessions together and couples this knowledge with her own education & experience and ultimately provides me with heartfelt, psychological guidance, in making an important decision. Working with Jessica has enabled me to see many more facets of an issue or problem as well as better understand the root of its cause; she has consistently steered me in the right direction with regards to making positive life choices & decisions that work best for me.”

39 year old female

“As you read other people’s accounts, you continuously come across the words “amazing” and “life-changing” again and again in the description of their experiences with Jessica. Mine is absolutely no different with the exception that I would use the synonyms “life-defining” and “nothing short of miraculous”. Now, if you ask Jessica herself, she’ll tell you that those results aren’t because of her; they’re because of you. But the reality is that I wouldn’t have been able to make the positive changes in my life that I’ve already accomplished in the 8 short weeks I’ve known her if it wasn’t for her awesome perspective, ability to cut through the fluff to get to the heart of the issues, and the absolute safe and nurturing environment she provides to do the hard work. I struggled my whole life with identifying who I really was and wanted to be, immense grief, anger, frustration and self-worth. Jess has been an amazing (there’s that word again!) catalyst in helping me see the whole picture more clearly, helping me identify my feelings and teaching me how to appropriately and effectively deal with them, and how to be accountable for both my failures and my successes. If you are even considering calling her or sending her an email, don’t wait. Do it now. There is no better day than today to change your life for good; and Jessica can help you get there.”

32 year old female

“I have been working with Jessica for several months. Jessica’s guidance has allowed me to start making meaningful changes in the way that I react to life’s issues. She does a wonderful job of helping me connect the dots between the my past and how that effects my behavior today. Jessica is smart and intuitive, she has an uncanny knack for knowing when to be nurturing and when its time to challenge me. I had been getting very frustrated with my life, now I am starting to believe that things can be different. My weekly sessions have become a part of my routine that I look forward to. I really feel like I have got someone in my corner. ”

35 year old male

“Jessica is truly an amazing therapist. She goes above and beyond what one would expect from a therapist and provides such in-depth therapy, caring and support for her clients. Prior to working with Jessica, I had always been dissatisfied and skeptical of therapy. She, however, through sharp intuition and expertise, was able to guide me to where I needed to be, mentally and emotionally, to take the necessary next step in my life. No words can capture the gratitude I feel for Jessica and the support her therapy provided me with over the last several years.”

33 year old female

“After starting to work with Jessica my life has changed drastically for the better. I had not had a solid nights sleep in over 5 years due to anxiety and insomnia. I was so unhappy with my appearance I could not look in the mirror. I would spend countless hours worrying and over thinking decisions. I immediately felt comfortable opening up to Jessica about my problems for so many reasons. From that first session I realized Jessica is thoughtful, experienced, supportive and down to earth, making the counseling process structured yet relaxed. Jessica has enabled me to change the way that I think about myself, my past, and the way that I can now live a better life. She has worked with me to design coping skills to manage my anxiety, insomnia and poor body image. Jessica has also worked with me to improve my relationship with my sister. Jessica met with my sister and I both together and separately to develop strategies to improve the way we treat each other. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have found a counselor like Jess. I highly recommend her! ”

21 year old female