Psych Meds: Is the Perception of Them Changing?

Psychiatric medications can be beneficial for enhancing mental stability and helping you have a happier, healthier lifestyle. Patients take these medications for a variety of reasons, some of which include depressed mood, anxiety, mood stabilization and reduction of psychotic features. It can be overwhelming and traumatic to be diagnosed with a mental health issue and then [...]

Lack of Sleep Can Impair Mood and Affect Marital Relationships

The overall mood of spouses can affect the quality of their marital relationship. Studies suggest that one activity that impacts the mood of individuals is the quantity and quality of their sleep. A 1997 cummulative sleepiness study was conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Psychiatry. The study revealed that sleep deprivation contributed to tension and stress that [...]

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Suicide, Depression and How to Help

Although it is not uncommon for people to be sad occasionally, a person with depression constantly feels sad and hopeless. Sometimes people whose minds are in a perpetual state of depression think about committing suicide. Identifying the signs that someone is suicidal and taking the appropriate actions can help prevent him from ending his life. [...]