Healthy Family Dynamics Promote Positive Mental Health

Family dynamics involve the relationships between individual family members. The composition of the family, such as each person’s personality, religious and cultural values, experiences, and family roles affect family dynamics. The dynamics of an individual’s family influence the way he or she behaves. Frequently, a family member may have a specific role in the family, [...]

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Kids Do Not Confine Bullying to Other Children: Adults Can Be Targets Too

Physical attacks and verbal bullying are a widespread problem on school buses and other common areas where students may not be monitored by an adult. However, even when an adult is present, bullying can occur. Recently, a bullying attack occurred in Greece, New York while the victim was on a school bus. Surprisingly the  victim was not [...]

Are Extended Family Members Affecting Your Marriage?

When you marry, for better or worse, your spouse comes with extended family. Whether your in-laws or parents are opinionated or hands-off, chances are you and your spouse will need to get accustomed to your new family members. Sometimes parents or in-laws try to be helpful by constantly giving their opinions, but you may find their [...]

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Improving Your Relationship and Mental Health with Forgiveness

Think about your childhood days. A friend or family member may have betrayed you, so you talked about your disagreement with an adult. The offender was probably told to apologize, and you were encouraged to forgive. In the scenario, there may have been an apology and an acceptance. However, the words from all parties may [...]

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